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We all know how deadly is the virus and how adversely it has affected people worldwide. With rising cases globally, the stress over the medication can lead to several other problems too. In order to get hold of the right way to tackle the virus, there have been certain guidelines proposed by WHO that needs to be followed in order cure or prevent the disease. Because the virus attacks our respiratory system, we need oppose it with a good immune system. For that Vitamin C can prove to be very important in fighting the virus and helps in diffusing its effects on our respiratory system.

Vitamin C, a water soluble powerful anti-oxidant can reduce or neutralize the damage caused to the lungs. It also helps in reviving from the damage caused by the virus. It is essential to maintain a balance between oxidants and anti-oxidants inside our body to stop any possible damage to the respiratory system. It is natural to experience a drop in the quantity of anti-oxidants, that’s when adequate amount of Vitamin C consumption can balance it out by increasing the levels of anti-oxidants in our body.

Functional role of Vitamin C in boosting Immunity

In simple terms, a person with good immune system can easily overcome this virus without even experiencing the symptoms. Vitamin C levels in white blood cells (immune cells) are ten times more than in plasma, which indicates functional role of the Vitamin C in these immune cells. Vitamin C has been shown to affect the functions of phagocytes, replication of viruses, creation of interferon and maturation of T-lymphocytes. Vitamin C also protects these immune cells from oxidative harm when they try to clear out bacteria, and viruses from our body. Hundreds of clinical studies have shown that Vitamin C has a positive effect on many infections caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.

How much dosage of Vitamin C is safe for intake?

Vitamin C dosage count of 4-6g is absolutely fine for intake and doesn’t cause any side effects. The doses are specially targeted towards elderly people to strengthen their immunity and increase their capability to revive from the impact of the virus. In this pandemic, several studies conducted in India and South Korea has indicated that people even after getting affected by the virus has cured without showing any symptoms. This is itself the biggest example of keeping a good immune levels in the body.

Food that are rich in Vitamin C

There are certain foods that are rich in Vitamin C, you can consume them on regular basis by including them in your diet. Citrus fruits and tomatoes are very important and are rich in Vitamin C. Besides, potatoes are also among the major contributors of Vitamin C. Other good sources of Vitamin C are broccoli, strawberries, kiwifruit, Brussels sprouts, pineapple, mango and cantaloupe.

So, let us not wait till the situation get worse. It’s better we start taking Vitamin C in our diet from now. It is about strengthening your immunity and avoiding a mild flu from becoming a life threatening condition in this pandemic. Basically the motive is to reinforce the immunity of the body to combat the virus than to find remedies for the virus. After all, prevention is better than cure. This search for remedy will take months and we cannot wait until the time comes. The finest option is to strengthen the immune system of the body to charge off the infection.

A test to measure the level of vitamin ‘C’ in your blood which helps the body form and maintain connectivity tissue, including bones, blood vessels and the skin.