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Where I will get the best full body check-up package in India?


 Thyrocare is india’s first fully automated diagnostic laboratory with a focus on providing quality at affordable costs to laboratories and hospitals in India. Thyrocare operates with a centralised processing laboratory (CPL). We have focus on strong technologies, strong systems that enables all laboratories to give their clients the best of science and technology at an affordable cost.

Prebuuk is an authorized channel partner of Thyrocare, and is India’s leading health test at home service provider, trusted by over 10 lakh people. It comprising prevention care , treatment and monitoring of health disorder. We have flexible and patient friendly process like collection of samples at home and send report through mails ,what's app etc. And it's best cost of price. Prebuuk is founded by Mr. Nizam Saifi, holding 15 years of experience.

Through its proprietary concept such as happy savings brings the benefits of tech intuitiveness helping its customers in living a better life with AI-based reports which are verified by pathologists before being delivered to the customer.


Mission: Happy savings

Currently we are providing services all over India and Prebuuk become the most popular choice for healthcare services among people because of its cost effective and reasonable charges and attractive low cost packages with best service quality.

As we know that for some minor illness doctors recommend plenty of tests which sometimes are unaffordable for many people which a risk factor. So to overcome such situations and make the health tests stress less and affordable, Prebuk is the best option where the prices are lesser than hospitals and other diagnostic centres, giving free home services, and exciting packages under Thyrocare.


How invent idea?

During Corona Pandemic, people were helpless as they were unable to go hospitals for routine check ups and health tests, that time Prebuk's owner and founder thought of providing 'Home Health Services'. We worked on key words like home service and happy savings including free home sample collection service, higher accuracy lab analysis and providing test reports on time which will reduce the burden of going hospitals and also the financial load.


What we do?

Prebuuk works on the concept of happy savings and price benefit that is why it include varieties of packages like for single, for family, for husband, wife, childs etc.

Whatever test you want to have or for your family, you can choose the packages wisely and do pre booking which is done on world's top brand of booking app after which you receives one conformation call from our side and we inform you about the latest and more good packages and where the final decision is our customer. After confirmation thyrocare experts comes at your door for collecting samples and within 24 to 48 hours we provides the online report which is 100% accurate. Some healthcare providers cut their cost by cutting off some test facilities from their packages. Prebuuk is not one of them. Prebuuk Offers health checkup packages for a very cheap price, yet those packages include all the necessary tests.


We only do blood related and urine related tests.*


Our mission:

Each and every person become customer of beacuse we provide better and costed effective services.


Our moto is “happy savings”.


What we offer at best & affordable price Pan India-Guaranteed

•        Individual Health check-up (Full body check-up, single test)

•        Corporate/SME/Startup Tie Up

•        Camps

•        Covid-19 Test (RT PCR or Antibody)

•        Housing societies checkup

•        Sample collection from school, colleges, offices, and shops etc.

•        Group bookings & many more

•        Home sample collection

•        Online report (within 24 to 48hrs)

•        Affordable price


*Best client & customer service is surely Guaranteed*