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What Is A Comprehensive Metabolic Panel Test?

A comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP) is a test that measures 14 different substances in your blood. It provides important information about your body’s chemical balance and metabolism. Metabolism is the process of how the body uses food and energy. A CMP includes tests for the following:

A comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP) includes all the measurements of a BMP as well as additional proteins and substances related to liver function, such as:

  • albumin
  • total protein
  • alkaline phosphatase (ALP), an enzyme mostly found in the bones and liver that’s involved in several bodily processes
  • alanine aminotransferase (ALT), an enzyme found in the liver
  • aspartate aminotransferase (AST), an enzyme found in the liver and other tissues within the body
  • bilirubin, which is waste resulting from the breakdown of red blood cells that the liver filters out

The same conclusions can be drawn from a CMP as from a BMP for the same substances that a BMP covers. Other abnormal levels can also indicate underlying conditions, such as:

High levelsLow levels
ALP• bile duct blockage
• cirrhosis
• gallbladder inflammation
• gallstones
• hepatitis
• Paget’s disease
• bone metabolism disorders
• heart surgery
• malnourishment
• zinc deficiency
ALT• cirrhosis
• hepatitis
• liver cancer
• liver damage
considered normal
AST• cirrhosis
• heart conditions
• hepatitis
• mononucleosis
• (mono)pancreatitis
considered normal
bilirubin• abnormal red blood cell destruction (hemolysis)
• adverse medication reactions
• bile duct blockage
• Gilbert’s syndrome
• hepatitis
not a concern

Conclusion for Metabolic Panel Test :

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