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What Is Cardiac markers?

An enzyme marker test is a blood test to measure specific biological markers (biomarkers) in your blood. High (elevated) levels of cardiac enzymes can be a sign of a heart attack or another heart problem. Cardiac enzymes are also called cardiac biomarkers.

Enzymes are proteins that help your body accomplish certain chemical processes, such as breaking down food and clotting blood.

Abnormal enzyme levels can indicate many conditions.

Common enzymes tested include:

  • Creatine kinase (CK). This is an enzyme primarily located in the brain, heart, and skeletal muscle. When muscle damage happens, CK seeps into the blood in growing amounts.
  • Creatine kinase-MB (CK-MB).They often increase in your blood after a heart attack or other heart injury.
  • Troponin. This is a heart enzyme that can leak into your blood and results from heart injury.

Cardiac Risk Markers Profile estimates the levels of cardiac risk markers in the body, which help in evaluating the functioning of the heart. The test also evaluates lipids in the body, abnormal levels of which can lead to heart attacks or other severe heart conditions. The Cardiac Risk Markers Profile is helpful to individuals who have a family history of cardiac disease or where there is an increase in the prevalence of cardiac disease at a young age. Early diagnosis of cardiac disorder can help in the overall prognosis. Thyrocare has priced the profile at just Rs. 1200/- to make it affordable to one and all. Get tested with a cardiac risk marker test at an affordable cost at your home.

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